‘from blossom to bottle’

At Armagh Cider Company we are very pleased to be able to say that all our products are made ’from blossom to bottle’ on the home farm at Ballinteggart, just outside Portadown in Co Armagh.

To emphasise this, we welcome groups to our farm to experience the whole process of cider making - ‘from blossom to bottle’

A tour of our cidery will give you an insight into our orchards as well as an opportunity to see first-hand where the cider and apple juices are made.

You will have the opportunity to taste and compare all our products

Spring: Blossom
Arguably the most beautiful time of year in the Orchard.  The year’s crop depends on the weather when the blossom sets

Summer: Growing
You can see the baby apples grow and mature ready for picking in late August & September

Autumn: Harvesting
The busiest time of year for the Orchard - apples are all picked by hand and loaded into wooden crates to be taken to the cidery for immediate pressing - the very beginning of the cider making process.

Winter: The Orchard is quiet
The Orchard is quiet, although trees need to be pruned to ensure a good yield for next year.  In March, new trees will be planted if required.  However, the cidery is busy - juice is fermenting, cider is blended and tasted - an exciting time for new cider for the New Year. 


See where all the apples are pressed, fermented, filtered and blended into our award-winning products

Bottling Hall

Then move on to the bottling hall where all our products are bottled and packaged in readiness to be moved to an off-licence or bar near you.

Best time for a visit is from Blossom to Harvest

Please ring or email to arrange a tour of our cidery. We are a small family business and as such will need to schedule your visit to ensure we can facilitate you.

Given our Northern Irish weather, make sure you pack a rain coat and some wellies

Look forward to seeing you soon