How It Begins

The apples for our apple juice and cider are grown on the home farm at Ballinteggart where orchards have been nurtured for over 100 years.

When ready to harvest, the apples are handpicked by experienced apple pickers who know that quality is essential and that the apples must be treated gently to avoid bruising.

Our production process begins with pressing the apples in a traditional rack and cloth press. This is very labour intensive and doesn’t allow for mass production in the way an automated press would do, but it does produce a superior quality juice with more texture and flavour because tiny bits of fruit remain in the juice.
This exquisite juice is then bottled to make AJ – our Apple Juice

The juice destined to become cider is given time to develop and mature to ensure that the full flavours of the apples are carried through.

All our products are artisan and handcrafted meaning a completely natural product, containing no artificial ingredients or flavours. This may mean that colour and taste will vary according to the growing season of the apples.

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