Doyles Cider

  • Doyles Autumn Berry Cider

    Doyles Autumn Berry Cider

    Autumn Berry – Real cider with the added fruity sharpness of autumn berries and a hint of Elder Only real…

  • Doyles Medium Irish Cider

    Doyles Medium Irish Cider

    Medium – A medium sweet cider full of apple flavour. Best served chilled. Can’t decide between Dry and Sweet? This…

  • Doyles Dry Irish Cider

    Doyles Dry Irish Cider

    Dry - A refreshing cider best served chilled. The original and first, this one will quench your thirst

  • Doyles Sweet Irish Cider

    Doyles Sweet Irish Cider

    Sweet – A sweet cider full of natural sweetness and flavour Enjoy this one at your leisure, it’s a sweet…

  • Doyles Summer Fruit Cider

    Doyles Summer Fruit Cider

    Summer Fruit – Real cider with the added sweetness of summer berries. Only real natural juices are used – no…

  • Doyles Honey Cider

    Doyles Honey Cider

    Honey – Real cider flavoured with real honey! Real smooth!! Only real natural Irish honey used Cider and Honey are…